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  1. NextCloud 14 Arrives

    The new version adds two new security features for users.

  2. Linus Torvalds Takes a Break, Apologizes

    The creator of Linux is admitting his abusive behavior on LKML and plans to change.

  3. A New Business Model for Open Source Projects

    Storj offers a new program that enables open source projects to monetize from storage.

  4. Linux Mint Debian Edition 3 Released

    It’s Linux Mint without any Ubuntu base packages.

  5. Zorin OS 12.4 Released

    It’s an extremely popular distribution among Windows and macOS users.

  6. Debian Celebrates Its Birthday

    The great community Linux distro turns 25 years old.

  7. Chromebooks Support Debian Applications

    Containerized Debian environment is now available through the Chrome OS dev channel.

  8. Opera Embraces Snap for Linux

    Announcement may open doors for more mainstream applications to adopt Ubuntu's Snap package system.

  9. Canonical Fixes Boot Failure Issues in Ubuntu

    The regression that led to boot failures was introduced by a previous patch. 

  10. Weird Unofficial LibreOffice Version Shows Up in the Microsoft Store

    Unknown developer wants you to pay $2.99 for a free tool.

  11. Honey I Shrunk Ubuntu

    Canonical has released a new version of Ubuntu that’s 50% smaller than the standard Ubuntu Server.

  12. Linux Mint 19 Released

    New version comes with Timeshifting capabilities.

  13. Red Hat Adds GPLv3 Cure Clause to its Code-Base

    New provision will provide violators with a grace period to achieve license compliance.

  14. SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 Released

    It’s a modular OS.

  15. GitLabs Drops Pricing After Microsoft GitHub Acquisition

    GitLabs is creating more incentives for users to switch from GitHub.

  16. KDE Plasma 5.13 Is Here

    The desktop environment is designed to be more resource efficient.

  17. SUSE Forks Red Hat’s Spacewalk Project

    SUSE relies heavily on the project for its own SUSE Manager.

  18. openSUSE Leap 15 Announced

    The release was announced at the openSUSE Conference in Prague, Czech Republic.

  19. SoftMaker FreeOffice 2018 for Linux

    SoftMaker Software GmbH has announced FreeOffice 2018, a free of cost office suite for Linux.

  20. A New CentOS

    Latest version of the community Linux based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5