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  1. Microsoft Goes Open Source with Web Browsers

    The company will use Google Chromium web browser as the foundation for its next browser.

  2. Canonical Launches MicroK8s

    Deploy Kubernetes in a few seconds.

  3. A New Raspberry Pi Board

    The new board packs everything that you get in Raspberry Pi 3B+ in a smaller package.

  4. OpenStack Foundation Changes Name of the OpenStack Summit

    New event will be known as the Open Infrastructure Summit

  5. Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Beta

    The latest version strikes a balance between past and future.

  6. System76 Announces a Line of US-Made PCs

    Thelio series is available for pre-order and will ship in early December.

  7. IBM Acquires Red Hat

    IBM is acquiring Red Hat, the most successful open source company.

  8. Fedora 29 and Ubuntu 18.10 Released

    New releases focus on boot time, new hardware, and modular design.

  9. Redis Labs Modules Forked

    New Commons Clause license rider causes Debian and Fedora developers to fork Redis Labs modules.

  10. Microsoft Offers its Patent Portfolio

    The company ends its long war; vows to protect Linux.

  11. Red Hat Reports $823 Million in Revenue for Second Quarter 2019

    Strong performance for cloud and container products leads to a 14% increase over last year.

  12. Debian, Ubuntu, and Other Distros are Leaving Users Vulnerable

    A security researcher says Linux vendors wait too long to patch the kernel.

  13. NextCloud 14 Arrives

    The new version adds two new security features for users.

  14. Linus Torvalds Takes a Break, Apologizes

    The creator of Linux is admitting his abusive behavior on LKML and plans to change.

  15. A New Business Model for Open Source Projects

    Storj offers a new program that enables open source projects to monetize from storage.

  16. Linux Mint Debian Edition 3 Released

    It’s Linux Mint without any Ubuntu base packages.

  17. Zorin OS 12.4 Released

    It’s an extremely popular distribution among Windows and macOS users.

  18. Debian Celebrates Its Birthday

    The great community Linux distro turns 25 years old.

  19. Chromebooks Support Debian Applications

    Containerized Debian environment is now available through the Chrome OS dev channel.

  20. Opera Embraces Snap for Linux

    Announcement may open doors for more mainstream applications to adopt Ubuntu's Snap package system.